How Historic Hotels Can Make Your Trip Even More Special

Historic hotels is a chain of hotels with a difference. In fact, it is not really a chain at all, in the traditional sense of the word. These hotels are all owned by different people, but they all have something in common. They are all part of a collection of over two hundred hotels which have been awarded a special distinction. These are hotels which have specially chosen because of the way they have retained their traditional atmosphere and appearance. Most of these hotels are in the USA, but some are in Mexico and Europe.

There are basically three ways that a hotel can qualify to be included in this register. The first and most obvious qualification is age. Any hotel which is fifty or more years old is qualified to be included. There is also a National Register of Historic Places, and if the hotel is included in this it will automatically qualify. Finally, if a building is known to have local significance, it can be included. Obviously, this is not an objective definition and there may well be arguments as to what qualifies as local significance.

Staying at an Historic Inn can give your leisure trip an extra dimension, especially if you have chosen to visit a certain area to experience its culture and local eccentricities. Unlike a major chain, you will be aware of staying somewhere which is fundamentally different even from other related hotels in the same group. Make sure before you travel that the hotel will be suitable for your needs, because individual hotels have very different policies. If you are intending to take pets or children, make sure of the hotel policies.

Historic Inns can also be an ideal location from which to run your business trip. There is no doubt that the frequent traveling and nights away from home can add stress to an executive's life, so there is a lot to be said for staying in relaxing surroundings. These old inns retain their character on the outside, and with their furnishings on the inside, but they have also been renovated to offer every modern convenience. You will be able to manage your entire trip from this center knowing that every facility you need is right there.

Even with a prestige organization such as Historic Hotels you are still dealing with individual hotel owners and staff. This is not a chain in the usual sense of the word. Because there is such an accent on individuals, each hotel can vary in its quality and standard of customer service. Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to read comprehensive reviews of just about any hotel submitted by people who have actually stayed there. Take advantage of this wonderful new resource and get up to date reviews on your chosen Historic hotels.


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