Alpha Rooms Are Made For The Holidays

The Alpha Rooms chain of hotels are ideal for vacationers of all types. With 70,000 hotels around the world, there is sure to be something near your destination. Their motto is 'Serious About Holidays' and this is definitely the case. Through their website you can find a variety of ever-changing promotional packages to hot vacation spots. You can also plan your own trip, including airfare, using their handy tool. Choose whether you are seeking a hotel, airline ticket or both. Then enter your current location and desired destination, your to and from dates, the number of rooms you need, how many adults and how many children -- and you will be shown packages that suit your needs.

You'll find that the website features different promotions depending on the time of year and what is available. Currently, there are 20 percent off packages being featured for the Canary Islands. No matter where you want to go, you can track down the perfect hotel that has the space and amenities you want for a price that is within your range. If you book an airline/hotel package, you may be able to save more money overall. The price depends on many different factors including how you fly, when you travel, how luxurious your hotel room or suite is and how many are in your group.

There are special group rates with many airlines and hotels where groups can save money. There may be other discounts as well, for children, senior citizens and miliary personnel. It all depends on the airline and hotel, and what they offer. You may be able to find online coupon codes for flights and rooms. Also, many credit cards have travel rewards and points that can make your vacation even more affordable. This of course varies so check with your credit card company to see if they offer these types of travel promotions.

So when planning your next vacation, consider Alpha Rooms as your hotel of choice. You have a wide selection of hotels in countries all over the world, and a number of appealing deals and discounts to take advantage of. By saving money on the cost of airfare and accommodations, you have more money to spend while on vacation, doing the things you want to do. Think of this hotel chain as your own personal travel agent, as they can set you up with packages that cover every aspect of your getaway from start to finish.


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